Monday, September 19, 2011

A Very Merry UnBirthday To Me

It has been raining - no - POURING since yesterday. My mood is always deeply affected by the weather. I was not looking forward to a day of gloom and rain on my technical "vacation day".

I woke up craving birthday cake.
So naturally, I decided that today would be my "unbirthday"!

My actual birthday is not until December 27th but I wanted cake today. And if you're going to eat birthday cake you might as well pretend that it's your birthday!

So John and I went out to eat to celebrate! I got to pick and I chose a brand new place called
Scotty's Lakehouse. Delicious!

John surprised me with a massage at Massage Envy. It was perfect since I've been feeling sick for over a week now.

After a nice, long nap and listening to the rain we got up and went to the store to get my birthday cake!

We got to Marsh and I picked out the prettiest, pink cake with flowers. The lady asked if we wanted anything written on it. We asked her to write "Happy Birthday, Emily" on it. She double checked that my name was spelled E-M-I-L-Y.

However, when we got the cake it looked like this...

Perhaps she was dyslexic?

After we had a nice laugh over my name change we chowed down on cake and ice cream, chips and guacamole, and crab dip and crackers.

It was a perfect celebration for really no reason at all.

Life is too short to be serious. We must celebrate every day.

Even if we have to create our own reasons to celebrate - like an "unbirthday".


  1. LOL at the cake and I LOVE this idea!!!! Amen!

  2. When Tim went to Kenya the first time he left the day before valentine's day. I decided to have a pity party for the children and myself. Cake, ice-cream, chocolate candies, red hot hearts, message hearts, red table cloth and flowers. So now if someone is bummed we have pity parties. They can be a lot of fun. Oh and happy un-birthday Elimy!

  3. Beth - that's a fun idea! Silly parties are THE best! :]

  4. You just made my day!!!! That is great!

  5. awww WOW!! think i want an unbirthday, too!!! :D :D :D haha. you're too cute :D

  6. This post just made me so happy :-) What a great idea!!