Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Purple Lip Gloss and Blue Vases

As I am sure most of you have gathered by now - I'm afraid of a lot of things.

I'm afraid of snakes and wolves. I'm afraid to drive on 465 and to wear high heels.

I'm learning that growing up is not about changing the little things about myself but instead embracing them and growing into the things I am good at.

I will always be afraid to drive on 465 but I can rock wall climb.

I will always feel uncomfortable in heels but I can rock a pair of yoga pants.

So I am embracing those things about myself. I'm also discovering new things about myself. One of those things is that I love color!

Last week I painted a new blue vase for my office (tutorial blog to come). 

I purchased yellow mugs for our kitchen.

I love wearing my metallic nail polish.

And today I bought PURPLE lip gloss. So FUN!

It was surprisingly beautiful. I'm addicted.

And I'm addicted to color now.

I may never be the girl who can wear pink heels and feel awesome in them. And I will never be the girl who has a clean car.

But I can throw great parties and I can wear purple lip gloss.

So embrace who you are. Stop trying to change the things that don't matter and embrace a fun new side of yourself.

What new things are you embracing? What things are you letting go of'?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Learning to Live In My House

When we moved into our apartment 9 months ago I tried so hard to keep everything clean all the time. I didn't want anyone to walk in and see a messy house. I didn't want to decorate because we were unsure of how long we'll live in it. I kept things in their place because I thought it was what good wives do.

Some people might say I have just gotten lazy but I prefer the term comfortable. I let the food sit on the stove for a while. I don't pick up our shoes or dust every week. Or even every other week. I don't freak out when the laundry is sitting on my dresser for days. I feel comfortable in our little apartment now. But I had to learn to live here.

I had to learn that I didn't have to whisper at night because we had neighbors upstairs. I had to learn that marks on the walls come off - and even if they don't it's ok. I had to learn that it was more important to make memories than the bed or dinner.

I don't know where you're learning to live.

Maybe you're learning to live in a place of kids off at college.
Maybe you're learning to live in the place of forgiveness or constant illness.
Maybe you're learning to live in peace, or a new town, or with a new baby.

Where ever you are learning to live today I hope you take time to make memories. Learning to live somewhere can be scary and overwhelming. But I pray you take time to slow down, breathe and capture moments in your heart.

And maybe that means you don't make the bed.