Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picking Wild Flowers

Like I have stated in my bio - I'm a flower lover. I have always loved having fresh flowers in the house. We had beautiful lilac and hydrangea bushes growing up. My mom kept tulips and lilly of the valley on one side of the house and roses on the other.

But now I'm married and live in an apartment with my sweet husband. Our budget does not allow us to go to the store and buy a fresh bouquet of flowers when we want them. And I'm guessing the apartment staff would not appreciate us picking their planted flowers in the landscaping. So we got creative.

John went for a run one evening and came back with the sweetest bouquet of mixed, wild flowers. They were precious and it was one of the sweetest gifts I have ever gotten. We arranged them in a few vases and they lasted a whole week! Now any time our flowers look droopy, we go pick a new bunch!

Our wild flower bouquet!

Some of them look like weeds from afar but when you get up close they are actually quite beautiful.

And my sweet mother let me take some of her Hydrangeas.

John and I can always look at our table and think about the nice walk we took together to find them. We love making different color combinations and trying to arrange them in new ways.

I think a bud vase filled with dandelions looks better than an empty vase.

This is hands down one of my favorite past times with John and way to decorate the house. And when winter comes - we will find some new nature to explore and decorate with! :]

What other flowers, branches, or nature items do you use to decorate with?

Happy Picking! 

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  1. I looove flowers too, especially wild flowers! I want to have a whole yard full of them! :)