Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Creating Heirlooms

I'm probably breaking some blogging rule by promising a part two of my last post and not doing it. But I'm over that and moving on to something else. :]

I was feeling down the other day that I didn't have any really cool, meaningful decorations. I look at all these DIY and decorating blogs and they all use precious family heirlooms.

John and I saw this adorable headboard on House Tweaking. She tells a precious story of her husband's grandmother's old fence wood and how they took it from her farm that he used to play at. They ended up making a great headboard out of the wood and it has all this sentimental value.

John and I loved the headboard but we couldn't find any sentimental fence wood...go figure. So we settled for some new, cedar fence wood from Lowe's. It wasn't as rustic and it wasn't sentimental in any way when we bought it.

But we had a journey with that wood. We had to find the right boards, fit them into his little sports car, and take them to my parents. John had to sand them, cut them down to size, then mount them together. I free handed the word "love" with some left over paint and voila! A brand new non sentimental headboard. Hanging it was a whole other adventure in itself.

I don't have any old treasures to trove through and to make beautiful, new things out of. I have no heirlooms to hang in my halls. My children wont be dressed in a christening dress made from my great great grandmothers handkerchiefs. But I will make beautiful things with my husband. We will make heirlooms for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I made John a blanket out of his high school t-shirts. It was supposed to a Christmas present until the sewing needle went through my finger and I landed in the E.R. I had to tell him what I was doing.

I hope my kids and maybe my great grand kids can wrap up in it someday and tell the story.

John and I had this beautiful painting made with our vows incorporated into it. We signed the painting at our wedding and it hangs in our home.

I hope it passes down through generations and they see the love they come from.

And maybe someday our headboard will hang in my babies home. And then it will be a sentimental headboard.

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  1. I love this post & your attitude about creating new memories & heirlooms. So sweet. :)