Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tea for 25

I learned so much when I was engaged.
 I learned that if you keep a cool head and even temper people are much happier to do things for you.
I learned that being kind to your body rather than trying to force yourself into a size two dress will give you a more beautiful glow and a happier smile.
I learned that getting your hands "dirty" and making things for your own wedding is the best therapy for stress.
I learned that it's OK to be giddy and smile so much you feel like your face might crack!

But the most important thing I learned was how to throw a party. How to love someone in such an over the top way that they can't over look how much they mean to you.

I learned this from my sweet family and my dear friends who threw beautiful parties for me. I was surprised with beautiful showers that matched my wedding colors, an amazing cake from the best bakery, gifts galore, sweet and personal touches, a limo, dinner, drinks, and so much stinkin love.

All that to say, my baby sister turned 18 yesterday. And I wanted to love her in the extravagant way she and my friends and family loved me when I got married.

So my mom and I planned a surprise tea party. Erin was making such a big deal about "becoming a woman" and "not being a kid anymore".

So we had a "Welcome to Womanhood" Tea Party!

It was just what she wanted and so fun!

We chose Erin's favorite color - aqua, to accent with and used different shades of blue and pink to throw around.

We decorated with gorgeous, eclectic tea pots and a little girly ribbon down the center.

I made some super easy tissue paper flowers and we hung them around the room.

I made some flag garland out of different patterned card stock and ribbon.
We made tea sandwiches and some sweet friends made tons of AMAZING tea cookies.

She was shocked.

Everyone dressed up for the occasion.

We provided hot water and tea bags and everyone sipped some tea.

Erin got her own special chair and tea cup.

I asked a bunch of women in Erin's life to write her a little note of encouragement and piece of advice about "entering into womanhood".

And I made her a tea cup cake.

A lot of the decoration we used were pretty inexpensive and things you could find around your house. Some paper doilies from Wal-mart, a little ribbon, colorful tissue paper and card stock. Those were the main staples for the decor. Pretty easy. 

It such a beautiful evening. Not just because of the fun decor, the good food or the fancy attire - but because of the love in the room for Erin. Everything was pretty simple to do and I would do it again in a heart beat!



  1. Aw this is such a great Idea! You are so lucky to have sisters!

  2. Love, love, love are definitely an amazing party thrower but best of all a beautiful sister! xo

  3. How awesome :) You are such a great sister!! I love to see the LOVE....true, honest love in your family :D